- Why Preventative Maintenance Matters -

Annual Maintenance

We know it can be tempting to skip annual maintenance checks on your HVAC equipment, especially when it seems to be running well. Preventative maintenance, however, is not only key to a long lasting unit, it ensures your unit is running efficiently, potentially saving you money on your energy bill. Preventative maintenance also minimizes the risk of expensive sudden breakdowns by reducing stress on parts, helping them to last longer, and by identifying worn parts and replacing them before they quit. Especially when you’re talking about older furnaces, having a professional set of eyes check over things also gives peace of mind that you’re breathing safe and clean air.

Your unit works hard

Your unit works hard all year! In Kansas and Oklahoma, it endures many days of extreme temperatures that can cause strain and stress on the equipment. As this takes a toll on the unit, the unit becomes less and less efficient. Our technicians recommend two tune-ups a year – once during the spring for your air conditioner and once during the fall for your furnace. Keeping your unit in peak condition will ensure your survival in any Kansas and Oklahoma temperature!

During a maintenance tune up, our technicians will carefully walk through a checklist of several items that includes cleaning the units of any dust and debris, refilling freon, if needed, and discussing with you any parts that appear to be worn. Give Hartley Heating and Cooling a call today to discuss setting up an appointment for your next seasonal maintenance check.

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